Our story – why Novero?

Our story – why Novero?

This is our story, this is our song…

We set up Yox Novero with a burning desire to help businesses succeed – that is our purpose.

We have a vision of becoming brand partners to established global brands and our mission for achieving this is to work together with you from ideas to established brands through consistent strategy, identity design and marketing communications.

Our culture is centered around a collaborative and competent team reaching for customer intimacy and product leadership. We cherish affiliation & achievement, celebrate teamwork & top performers, prioritize people & work, lead by process & expertise, organize as teams & work projects and recruit for trustworthiness & competitiveness.

We are aiming to be different by providing one-stop, full-service brand development solutions measurable by data driven results as well as provide actionable insights on the relevance and effectiveness of total brand development over graphic design.

The name Novero, meaning ‘group’ in a certain language was chosen to reflect our desire to work together as a collaborative team – that is, you and us.

Based on colour psychology, to portray our brand character and verbal identity, we have carefully selected the colours, coral red; which signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, and almond; which suggests approachability and friendliness with a keen sense of duty and responsibility. Yox Novero coral red defines our passion to be a different solution provider concerned with leading our clients to success and Yox Novero almond defines our relationship with clients as dependable partners.

We are Yox Novero, Your Brand Partner.