Pitfalls to shun in branding a business

Pitfalls to shun in branding a business

Choosing to be an entrepreneur and launching a brand with timeless influence is not an easy decision to make. It actually takes a lot of skill, hard work and usually a little luck. Importantly, when it comes to branding decisions, one bad mistake can derail even the best idea. All the more reason one has to conduct proper research before investing in branding.

It is often said that our brand is the face of our company, and if we are to become a global brand, a consistent outlook is key.

Among many essential things to consider in the business of branding, it is vital to avoid the following pitfalls:

Not defining the goal

It is vital to define the goal of the branding before starting and ensure we stick to it. Focus and consistency are Siamese twins in the process of building a successful brand.

Thinking names do not matter

As simple as it is, it is not good to assume that what our name is or represents is not essential. The whole branding process can be defeated or limited by the wrong choice of name. Nomenclature is powerful and it can connect our brand emotionally with our audience if carefully chosen.

Customer over competitor

Being customer-oriented alone and not competitor oriented also is one of the many pitfalls to avoid in branding. We need to learn the practice of your competitors, find ways to differentiate and excel in the areas of their shortcomings in order to build a strong brand.

Not using a strong visual identity

We are not the first to consider branding and we will not be the last. Many powerful brands have been built by using visuals that strongly communicates the brand. Outstanding visuals are difficult to ignore amidst a sea of competitors. As a business, we should strive to find a visual that reinforces our marketing strategy before launching a product or service.

Not involving key decision-makers

Starting the branding process with just any member of your team is as evil as the above-listed pitfalls. Not knowing which internal resources should be involved, is as bad as not including who the ultimate decision-maker should be in the branding process. Introducing the key decision-maker at the last phase of the branding process is not the best decision. This should be avoided in any branding business.


We should not start branding without having a complete understanding of what branding means, the process involved and the results our business can benefit from it.

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