Importance of defining your brand promise

Importance of defining your brand promise

To answer right away, it is important to define our brand promise because brands are established by kept or broken promises.

If the promise is not defined, how then can we know what we are keeping or breaking? Leaving it to our target audience to randomly decide gives room for uncertainties and that defeats brand building.

What is a brand promise?

It is the perceived value our customers expect to get from using any or all of our product or service and the perceived value is built on the singular idea all our product or service stand for.

Take for example, why would we buy a pillow and mattress? Beyond the obvious attributes of the product such as, have something fluffy to lay our head on and comfy to lie our back, the ultimate desire is to sleep better. That is the perceived value we look to get from buying all the bedding items.

Quickly in our minds, let us create a bedding company. Call it Raxxada. Based on the above perceived value, the one idea all Raxxada’s product – now and in the future – stand for is, better sleep. The promise then can be, helping people sleep better – if people buy from Raxxada, they will sleep better.

The same approach applies to every brand we want to build. Research the perceived value the target audience is looking to get from using the product or service then translate and communicate it as a promise.

Why is this important?

Beyond the fact that we are directly ministering to customers, what they actually need, a brand promise helps to define our brand’s verbal identity such as tagline as well as vision and mission statements among others. Because they are also built on a singular statement of all what the brand’s offerings deliver, they help to guide decisions on types of new product or service the brand can offer.

A brand becomes successful by clearly communicating its promise and continually keeping it. Failing to do so can ruin the brand.

Raxxada’s pillows are as hard as rocks? Does it hurt the head? Yes? Does it result in having a bad sleep? Yes? Is that keeping the brand’s promise? No? Then the brand is being ruined.

Defining our brand promise makes it clear what to constantly communicate and deliver on for our target audience. This plays a major role in the process of building an established brand.

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