From Studio to Novero

from Studio to Novero

The year 2011, a man by the name Kunle started a design company called Yoxstudios less than one year after learning design professionally because someone refused to give him the website where the person downloaded inspirational mobile display pictures from.

Kunle decided to design 50 free inspirational display pictures with his blackberry pin details on them and designed over 150 free personalized mobile pictures for some of the people who added him to their contact. That led to over 2000 new contacts and first-ever set of requests for his design services which in turn led to the creation of the design studio, Yoxstudios.

Between 2011 and 2017, working on national and global brands, one thing became clear! Design by itself does not sell anything; strategy and marketing are essential. It is rare that people will stumble on your offerings if you don’t make dedicated effort to be in their face through marketing and even if they do, nobody is going to pay for anything just because they stumbled on a really pretty business card with a humongous logo.

People release their money when we clearly connect to their WiiFM; what’s in it for me. To get them to show us the money, we need to define the benefits of our business idea, strategically find the right people whose psychographics and demographics resonate with benefits of what we are offering and constantly, genuinely let them know and feel we do what we do out of care for them. All of this has to be built and tracked with measurable data so it can be consistently replicated and/or enhanced for successful results.

Design alone cannot perform this so we set out to create a solution that can. Hence our metamorphosis from Yoxstudios to Yox Novero.

Our philosophy for doing so is this;

Successful brands are strategically rooted around a good cause, people and emotions. Commodities are built on aesthetics and numbers alone. The latter usually goes unknown.

Our mission is simple – work together with you from idea to an established brand through consistent strategy, identity design and communications.

Officially, you are welcome to Yox Novero and we look forward to having you as part of our vision of being partners to global brands.

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