Creating a great tagline

Creating a great tagline

Everyone is familiar with the tagline, JUST DO IT!

This is arguably the greatest tagline in the world, presently. The phrase is aspirational; appealing to people to attain more.

It says nothing about what the company does however, it establishes Nike’s mission statement which is “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.”

Some other widely popular taglines include; “Think Different” – Apple, “I’m Lovin’ it” – McDonalds and “Open Happiness” – CocaCola.

What do these taglines have in common?

They contain a few catchy words that are easily remembered.

They impart positive feelings into people in a manner that affects their daily lives even outside the use or reach of the brand.

They communicate the purpose the brand exists to achieve.

How can we create a similar tagline?

Start with brand purpose.
What good cause led to setting up the business? What actions, product or service is used to achieve this? For whom? How do customers benefit from this? Every word thought of, and anything that comes to mind as answers to these questions, write it all down in simple words.

Trim down
From the pool of words generated, start with creating shorter sentences that still clearly communicates the brand purpose. Cut the words down further into shorter phrases, again, without losing communication of the brand purpose.

Test the options
Share the options created with potential customers and general audiences then look out for feedback on the one that is most true to the brand purpose as well as imparts people with aspirational feelings.

Try a tagline generator
We have a single word that we feel does justice but we need a few more words to make it complete? We can experiment with a generator like Shopify. It is guaranteed to give a lot of random suggestions but 1 or 2 might just spark the idea for choosing the perfect words for our tagline.

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